Bootcamp Innovation & (intra)entrepreneurship

Every summer since 2015, the Antwerp Summer University organizes a hands-on summer school on entrepreneurship & innovation. This is a collaboration between the University of Antwerp, the associated colleges AP and KdG, and Verhaert Masters in Innovation and has partnerships with, among others, the City of Antwerp and the Chamber of Commerce of Antwerp.

371 / 5,000 Translation results The bootcamp takes place from 22 August to 2 September in TakeOff Antwerp and gives a clear answer to what it takes to start a business, guided by leading expertsand leading organizations in the field. LEF was allowed to put together the program this year and manage the boot camp in the right direction.

What makes this bootcamp unique?

• This bootcamp is designed for current students, recent graduates and first employees or executives of start-ups who have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to get an intensive initiation into what it takes to build and/or sustain a new innovative company or business unit

Real business cases from idea owners in our partners' ecosystem form the backbone of this bootcamp. Participants work together in interdisciplinary teams on these cases under the guidance of idea owners and experienced coaches.

• The summerschool has a strong international component, including experts from internationally renowned universities, partnerships with world-class institutions and participants from around the world.

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