Female entrepreneurship today

What is the future of female entrepreneurship? That question takes a closer look at innovation expert, entrepreneur and futures researcher Kirby Van den Brande in this online session.

This session will be held in English.

How do women entrepreneurs behave in relation to social shifts and what market innovations have resulted from them? Does this entrepreneurship happen 'randomly' or rather 'organized', from gut feeling or does reason rather play the leading role? Do they see the gap in the market or the opportunity by sheer luck or are they driven to innovate from human values and needs? Is there a difference with male entrepreneurship? Kirby is happy to give a sneak peek at this inspiration session.

Who is Kirby Van den Brande?

With a background in law and business management, and a great passion for futures research, Kirby can't be pigeonholed. She is an innovation expert, entrepreneur, corporate impact consultant, lecturer and more. After years working as legal counsel and business manager, she wrote a master's thesis for HoGent on the future of women's entrepreneurship in 2020, which was met with critical acclaim.

Today, she guides organizations and business leaders around human impact innovation from her company 'LEF is more'. Her clients include the City of Antwerp, Frame 21 group, various SMEs and start-ups. She is also co-founder of startup Atelier Jeanne & Daniel, a company focusing on the market of sustainable, connecting and circular bedding.

Kirby is affiliated with the University of Antwerp, Howest and Thomas More, among others, where she not only shares her knowledge and sits on various juries, but also develops programs around entrepreneurship and innovation. Kirby is part of several international networks such as Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Virtual advisory board, Susteneri Group, Pickmybrain, where she puts her heart and soul into the feminization of board rooms.