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My mission, vision & career

My mission and vision

I am a firm believer in that. Whether you want to start a business or keep your current business relevant for the future, your story is the linchpin. With LEF, I lend a steady hand to help write that story, no matter what page you're on.

From coming up with concepts, drawing out visions, tackling potential structural stumbling blocks, discovering trends to inspiring the next generations... every step requires LEF.

Why are these stories so crucial? Because they connect. Not just with your customers, but also with potential partners. They create cross-pollinations that carry your mission even further into the world. And you know, as I do, that your mission deserves to be heard.

Meet Kirby

A creative soul, a builder, a thinker, a doer. A jack-of-all-trades full of inspiration and drive to help you tell your story, connect, transform and innovate to meet tomorrow's challenges.

LEF is not a conventional business strategy agency. This is due to my own diverse path: I was a lawyer & legal counsel, a business unit manager and head of operations. I got to experience organisations from every angle: legal, general management, change management or marketing.

Thanks to the above mentioned expertise, I created a distinctive 360° view with which I scrutinize every facet of your business and lift it to a higher level. This is how you transform your company into an agile organization with a future-proof course.

Together, we'll steamroll your business ready for tomorrow.

Together, we make "tomorrow" "yesterday".

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A tribute to strong women

The strong women I encountered have been the common thread throughout my career. I was mentored, led and supported by them and thus saw numerous of those examples and role models in action. This female ambition became my driving force. And today I use it for my clients: I help them lead, make them grow and innovate. Having LEF and enthusiasm for a new future.

LEF is an ode to those strong women I had the privilege of meeting, who propelled me and made me discover my own strength. I am not one woman, I am many. LEF is not one story, it’s several.