In bed with Lien

Together with Lien Van de Kelder, I built a new start-up around the themes of "sleep - connection - circularity.

Atelier Jeanne & Daniel offers an answer to the need of families, B&Bs and hotels to get back on track and connect with their children/partner/hotel guests in a world where less and less time is made for this, in order to increase well-being. We do this through an innovative product and service. The sheet is unique in that it has a fabric envelope that can be sewn on, into which B&B owners/parents/children can insert bills to build a story. Children can also insert their "treasures" and their teddy bears.

"Sheets as a service" solves the problem of people who are extremely reluctant to make their own beds, or can no longer do so, and/or still want to sleep in durable sheets with a story. Literally and figuratively. It delivers the hotel feel to your home/B&B (to the door or to your bed, the choice is yours), with our sheets in a circular rental system. Of course, these are sustainably washed and returned.

In this way, we want to leave our mark on the cloth landscape. Is the Belgian already ready to let go of the "ownership" of sheets? Find out with us and register at

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