Forward campaign

For some time now I have been part of the fantastic community 'freelancers in Belgium'. Last year we decided that we wanted to launch a national campaign to encourage SMEs to work with freelancers.
The campaign is called FORWARD and will also be launched on March 11. We are organizing a contest where 1 company can win a team of freelancers for 1 week. Of course, to get as many companies to participate, we need to promote this contest as much as possible. And for that we need money. Therefore we have chosen to start a crowdfunding initiative. Namely, we have put together supporter packs. So be sure to keep the social media of myself and freelancers in Belgium in mind

What does the workforce of the future look like? 1 word already stands out: hybrid.

With Freelancers in Belgium we also made the exercise and felt the need to start "empowering" freelancers. so they can get more and better assignments.

Therefore, last week we proudly launched phase 1 of our FORWARD Campaign: a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of more and better assignments for freelancers.

So if you are a freelancer or just want to support our mission, you can contribute to this crowdfunding. And of course we want to thank you for that right away because in return you will receive some benefits and exclusive FORWARD merchandise.

You'll discover all about it here:

So what are we going to do with the money raised? Well in phase 2 we will encourage all internationally oriented companies in Belgium to work with freelancers through our FORWARD competition. One company will have a chance to win a top team of freelancers worth no less than +10,000 EUR to develop and implement a growth or innovation project.